AMD recommends Clear Linux for performance

Image Credit: Intel

Supposedly AMD is suggesting to use an Linux distribution designed and optimized by Intel – Clear Linux. That’s pretty surprising considering that Clear Linux works best on Intel hardware.

Do realize that this is only for performance testing. If you are looking to compare scores with multiple processors, then this may be it. Clear Linux claims to outperform certain Linux distributions and even Windows. These tests have been performed on AMD hardware – the low end CPUs and APUs.

This is particularly impressive as it shows that Linux can run on even the cheapest of machines without having to struggle with performance. Clear Linux is also notable for graphics performance, audio, and something that many desire for their Linux laptop: battery life.

I’d like to take Clear Linux for a test drive on a very low end machine, especially a netbook for example. It is so lightweight that it can breath new life into old hardware. Again, it is optimized for Intel processors, but it also runs fantastically on AMD’s.

For those who want to try it, click here.