Bought a Vilros Raspberry Pi 4 kit not too long ago

Not too long ago, I bought a Raspberry Pi 4 kit from Amazon. I haven’t gotten around to opening it until now.

This is a kit made by a company known as Vilros. Apparently they’re known for making these things for Raspberry Pis as well as other tinkering boards. Though, this is my first time buying one.

I went for the 4GB version of the Raspberry Pi 4, because I want to make the most of my tinkering adventures with it. It comes with:

  • Raspberry Pi itself
  • Aluminum Alloy Case with a fan
  • Power supply 3A, which should give my Raspberry Pi the needed juice to power any USB peripherals as well
  • An HDMI female to micro HDMI adapter
  • Heatsink
  • A quickstart guide booklet

Lets have a look at the components one piece at a time.

The goods

Here’s the quickstart guide that comes with it. Glanced through the booklet and everything seems to be pretty straightforward. This will definitely be helpful for people who are new to using the Raspberry Pi. It also tells you a little bit about Linux for those unfamiliar.

This is the power supply that comes with it. It shouldn’t have any problems powering the Raspberry Pi as its optimized for it. It also comes with a neat On/Off switch for toggling with ease.

The case that came with it along with a fan to keep it cool. Seems sturdy and gets the job done.

Raspberry Pi 4 Heatsinks

Includes the Heatsinks inside.

Raspberry Pi 4 sticker

A sticker to make your Raspberry Pi case look cooler.

Female HDMI to Micro HDMI cable

The Female HDMI to Micro HDMI adapter. Will definitely come in handy later on.

Raspberry Pi 4 male HDMI to micro HDMI cable

Apparently, they gave me a free male HDMI to micro HDMI cable just for buying the kit. Many thanks guys!

Raspberry Pi 4

And last but not least, the Raspberry Pi 4 itself.

The kit I bought doesn’t come with an Micro SD Card. That’s OK since I already have one on hand and ready to flash the installer on it. I do plan on assembling it a little later, I’ll let you guys know how that goes.

Thanks for reading!