Google Chrome to block insecure downloads over HTTPS

Google Chrome just came out with a new version of their web browser. Chrome 80 provides a regular update full of security fixes and performance tweaks as well as new features. It seems that we are also getting the blocking of insecure downloads over HTTPS.

Why this matters

This is crucial, because there’s always a chance that users can download a copy of a file that may be infected with malware. Servers that users connect to may cache files via proxy or a local LAN-based server. This is especially concerning over files that are still downloaded over HTTP.

When it comes to downloading content over HTTP, always make sure that the source can be trusted. If possible, always check the hashes of a file for data modification during transit.

The new Google Chrome update makes it so that it forces any HTTP URLs to download over HTTPS. If it is unable to do so, it’ll be blocked. In the end, more and more website owners or operators will hopefully switch to HTTPS in the near future.

To see a list full of fixes look here. Check out their blog here.