GParted is amazing for quick and easy disk recovery

Not too long ago, apparently one of my systems went down due to an failure from reboot. There were multiple virtual machines running on it. Of course one of them being a DNS and proxy server, as well as the VPN.

Apparently it wouldn’t boot. I thought to myself: “Am I really going to have to reinstall everything from scratch?” because when I tried to repair the disk drive, the rescue utility couldn’t find it. I sort of panicked a bit afterwards and started to prepare for a fresh Debian install, but then it came to me: GParted.

So I fired it up with the live CD and mounted the affected VM disk. With TestDisk in shell, I scanned the disk and fortunately it had found my lost partitions. Everything was intact and I was relived. Having inspected each partition that was successfully recovered, it had then been re-written.

I fired up the Debian installer and ran it in rescue mode. This allowed me to reinstall the GRUB bootloader to my primary partition. Once that’s done, a simple reboot later and everything was back to normal. GParted saved me from an unprecedented disaster.

GParted is the graphical version of Parted – a Debian-based GUI which you can manage your disk’s partitions with ease. Though, you can also use the shell which you’ll need to in some cases.