How to: Install NoMachine for Windows

NoMachine is a remote desktop application. Based on the NX protocol, it allows you to connect to multiple machines remotely and control them as if you’re in front of them. Here’s how you can get started by installing Nomachine on a Windows machine.

Why NoMachine over RDP?

NoMachine has some advantages over traditional remote desktop protocol on Windows. Because it uses the NX protocol, performance is unmatched and smooth over a stable connection. It also offers better compression which makes it more efficient. Security is also another benefit with default encryption using the AES-128-GCM with support up to AES-256-GCM cipher. This makes remote sessions and user input very secure.

You can also find support for NoMachine over various platforms such as Linux, iOS, Android, Mac, and even on Raspberry Pi/ARM architecture.


You can find the download for NoMachine for Windows here through your preferred web browser. When you’re done, run the installer.

Click Next to proceed.

Accept the agreement and click Next once more.

Select your desired installation location or leave it as it by default and click Next. Wait for installation to complete.

Click Finish to exit setup.

NoMachine will ask you to restart your computer in order to complete the installation process. Click Yes and wait for reboot to complete.

Note: You will want to install NoMachine on another machine that you would like to remote control to/from before proceeding with this guide.

On your desktop, find NoMachine and click on it. Either through the icon or start menu.

Upon your first time running NoMachine, you are given a welcome message. Information on how to locate your computer and connect to it will be presented to you. If you don’t want to see it every time you start NoMachine, click on the checkbox labeled Don’t show this dialog anymore. Click OK.

Connecting to remote computers

This is where you will be connecting to multiple machines. If you’ve installed NoMachine on more than 1 machine on your LAN, it will be displayed here automatically. As you can see, it picked up my CentOS machine. If you aren’t seeing anything, then try disabling your firewall(s) on either your machine or the other one.

Let’s try connecting to the computer by double-clicking on it.

Depending on the remote machine’s operating system, you will be asked to verify the authenticity. Don’t panic this is normal, go ahead and click Yes to confirm.

Next, you will be asked to provide a username and a password. For Windows users, this is the account of your Windows login. If the remote computer is running Linux, you will put in your SSH credentials.

Click Login to continue.

Note: At this point you may be asked to accept the connection on the remote computer. To turn this off from the machines window, click Settings->Server->Security and uncheck Require permission to let remote users connect. When done, click the back button at the top left corner to go back.

You will be given tips on how to access the settings while in a remote session. If you don’t want to see this every time you connect, click the checkbox next to Don’t show this dialog anymore and click OK.

More tips will appear for audio and configuring your display size for both client and remote desktop.

When finished, you should be connected successfully to your remote desktop. If you’re having problems connecting, be sure to check if your account credentials is correct. Also, open UDP port 4000 on both of your machine’s firewall or allow nxserver.exe on Windows Firewall.

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