Using TeamViewer in LAN-only mode

TeamViewer is widely known throughout the IT industry for providing the majority of IT personnel with excellent remote control software as well as remote support with the click of a button(see TeamViewer Quicksupport). By default, all remote control sessions are handled and routed securely through the cloud which requires you to sign up for an TeamViewer account. Though there is a way for anyone to remotely connect to another machine via LAN/LAN-only mode.

If you haven’t already installed TeamViewer, you can get it from here.

Make sure that both your computer and the remote LAN computer you’re going to access have it installed. Once you have done that, go ahead and open TeamViewer on the remote computer.

Click on Extras at the top and go to Options.

Click the checkbox next to “Start Teamviewer with Windows” to enable it. Under General navigate to Network settings and right next to “Incoming LAN connections”, click on where it says deactivated and lets go ahead and change that to accept. If you don’t plan on using an TeamViewer account then you can set it to accept exclusively which prevents TeamViewer from going online.

Under General click on Security, enter a personal password and confirm because we will be accessing this computer without requiring consent. For security reasons, it is recommended that you leave the password strength at Secure(6 characters). After that, click OK.

On the client computer, open the program and go to Remote Control, under Partner ID enter the LAN ip address of the remote computer and click connect. You will then be prompted to enter the personal password that you’ve set up on the remote computer.

That’s it! You now are able to remotely connect to another computer via LAN with sub 1ms latency and an abundance of bandwidth available.


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