Internet streaming providers are trying to reduce bandwidth usage

With COVID-19 having become a pandemic, many countries around the world have been placed on lockdown to curb the spread. This has resulted in hundreds of millions of people to stay at home.

For those who are able to, many are being told to work from home. This involves doing remote work whether through the use of a VPN or specialized website for employees to access. This has caused a significant increase in global internet traffic.

Even more, many people have turned to streaming in order to keep them entertained or busy. In order to help alleviate the potential stress being placed on telecom networks worldwide, several streaming providers have announced methods in order to reduce bandwidth.


YouTube has announced recently that they will be making all videos worldwide stream in SD resolution by default. You will still be able to adjust the quality like before, it just won’t automatically adjust the stream based on your connection speed at this time.

Other companies like Netflix, Facebook, and Disney have announced that they will be reducing the bit rates of their videos being streamed by approximately 25% within Europe.

Based on what I’ve read, it seems that there are no issues as of yet in terms of internet capacity being reached. Many ISPs have long prepared for something like this in some way or form.