Linux kernel 5.6 is a pretty big game changer

It appears that the upcoming Linux kernel version 5.6 is getting a ton of new features and fixes. This might be considered to be the biggest update in a long time. From what has been gathered, it’s a pretty big list.


We know that the biggest addition to the new Linux kernel would be Wireguard. Wireguard becoming part of Linux is considered to be the best thing to ever happen. Especially to those who are dependent on this VPN technology. This definitely paves the way for the future of VPNs in general as we expect people to make the move eventually.

Hardware support

From this version on wards, we are finally getting the new USB 4.0 support. There is also better support for the new Nvidia Geforce RTX series cards such as hardware acceleration. We are also seeing some fixes to any bugs that might pertain to the new NVMe SSD drives which should offer better support and stability.

New wireless chips from Qualcomm such as the 802.11ax devices will be getting improvements on this new kernel.

New thermal throttling system

It looks like there will be support for software throttling. This is when the CPU reaches a certain temperature, the CPU will be forced to idle in a way. It appears that this will work for most systems and not interact with the CPU frequency.

Overall the list of changes and additions is pretty big, for those who want to learn more go here.