Microsoft developing anti-malware software for several platforms

It appears that Microsoft is developing anti-malware software for numerous platforms.

Dubbed Microsoft Defender and based on the built-in Windows Defender in Windows. It will be coming out later this year on Android and iOS. Windows Defender is known for having a good track record when it comes to stopping malware at it’s tracks. This will become a very welcome addition to securing mobile devices.

For Android, Google Play Protect does sort of act like an antivirus, in that it scans your phone occasionally, and removes any apps that are deemed malicious. On iOS, the system is pretty well isolated and the App Store is constantly being monitored by Apple. Again, it doesn’t hurt to have the absolute best protection on a phone.

It is also rumored to be coming to Linux as well. Again, this will only strengthen the security of Linux as a whole. Microsoft Defender ATP will also help with threat prevents and several other tools among others.

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