Batch script: how to make and write one in Windows

Another way of getting the job done other than utilizing tasks in Windows are batch scripts. Batch scripts are a collection of command-line operations stitched together into a single executable file(.bat). In some cases, a batch script is needed to execute programs that require arguments to be defined. You no longer need to open up the commend prompt and write out the command in its entirety every time, this helps save an abundant amount of time.

Ubiquiti UniFi Network Controller configuration

Now that we have an idea on how the Ubiquiti UniFi Network Controller operates. It’s time to configure it and optimize our WiFi network. As I’ve stated on our tour in the last guide, in order to get full functionality you will need to get a UniFi Security Gateway. In the end it is optional and won’t hinder your experience using the WiFi portion.

Unifi Controller by Ubiquiti: how to use the web interface

In my previous guide, we have gone and bought a Ubiquiti Unifi AP-AC Lite and installed it to our network via the UniFi Controller. Of course that’s just barely scratching the surface. The abundance of configuration options available will help give us more flexibility and security to our WiFi network than ever before. Before we go on ahead, there are a few things that you need to know about the UniFi Controller.