Use Task Scheduler to automate tasks in Windows

Automating tasks has never been easier in Windows. Task Scheduler allow you to set certain conditions resulting in an action. We can open a certain program every time we do something such as when your computers boots up to the desktop, or a user/specific user logs onto their computer. This also makes doing simple maintenance on your computer easy and worry-free, done are the days of having to manually run a piece of software to check your system files for corruption or maybe your hard drive needs to be defragged weekly. There’s a solution for everything.

Setting up an FTP Server

One of the easiest and most convenient way for transferring files between computers locally or on the internet is by way of FTP. FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol and runs on the following ports: 21 for standard FTP, 22 for SFTP, and 990 for FTPS.

Configuring Windows Server

In the previous guide, we have completed our first installation of Windows Server 2019. Now, it’s time for us to configure it in the way that we want it to function. Before we go into that, there are some things that you need to know about the way Windows Server is configured by default.