Improve DNS speed with your own server

DNS is one of the most commonly used pieces of technology on the internet today. We’re talking running the whole internet. Without it, people would have difficulties finding a particular website to visit, or in most cases connect to a service such as an Instant Messenger. A designated domain name is given to a particular IP address, ruling out any preconceptions about having to remember a particular set of numbers(12 numbers!) for every place that you would need to visit.

What is DNS and how we use it on the internet today

When you’re browsing the internet, you need to know how to get to a particular server or website destination in DNS. We type in something like “www.adamintech.com” and voila! We are taken straight there within mere seconds. This makes navigating the internet easier and brings identity to all websites in the internet’s history and existence. You’re probably wondering how it all works.