OpenSSL: How to generate a self-signed certificate and key with Elliptic Curves

The use of Elliptic Curves for cryptography is becoming more widely used in today’s internet. Basically, it allows for the same type of security as good old RSA, but with greater speed due to the smaller key sizes it uses compared to an RSA key. You can also generate a key based on the newer cryptography standard through OpenSSL like you would with an RSA key. Here’s how you can do it.

How To Add A List Of IP Addresses To IPtables Using Bash Script

Say you have a list of IP Addresses that you would like to blacklist from trying to access your server. Whether you are preventing intruders or bots from accessing such services like SSH or your website. You want to make a simple list that parses IP addresses and adds them into IPtables. Here’s how you can do such a thing.