Setting up a Static IP address

A typical user may want to host a local file storage server on their network. They set up FTP(S) and everything, look at their network interface for the IP address, and port forward it so that it may be accessible through the internet. One day, all of a sudden, the file server becomes inaccessible from the internet. That user starts troubleshooting; the first thing that comes to mind is “can it be accessed through the LAN?”. Apparently not, the user goes into the file server and checks his FTP settings. Everything looks good, so then what seems to be the problem? Is a static IP address needed?

Using TeamViewer in LAN-only mode

TeamViewer is widely known throughout the IT industry for providing the majority of IT personnel with excellent remote control software as well as remote support with the click of a button(see TeamViewer Quicksupport). By default, all remote control sessions are handled and routed securely through the cloud which requires you to sign up for an TeamViewer account. Though there is a way for anyone to remotely connect to another machine via LAN/LAN-only mode.

How to make the best router possible with PfSense

Why should you use PfSense instead? Nowadays when people connect to the internet, they just simply use a modem/router provided to them by their ISP, plug it in and get going. Many of these routers are small in nature that provide you with the minimal configuration needed and simplicity that is only meant for a single family home. While that may seem like an ideal solution, there are actually caveats to it: