OpenVPN: how to install and configure

OpenVPN is one the top dogs in the VPN industry. The software has been through many security audits and is considered to be very mature in that respect. Many providers use it to give their customers unparalleled and very secure access to their networks. It is relatively easily to get started and set up within 10 to 15 minutes. The best part is that it is supported on all platforms via client and server, letting you access your network even when on the go from your phone, for example.

A beginner’s guide to generating certificates for OpenVPN

EasyRSA is a simple certification generation utility that allows you to generate multiple types of certificates. It also has the ability to generate a CSR(Certificate Signing Request) and sign it with the designated CA(Certificate Authority). The primary use for this utility is to generate certificates for use in OpenVPN in order to establish a secure VPN link between multiple endpoints.