How to: Force FTP over TLS in FileZilla Server

If you are planning on hosting a FTP server like FileZilla over the internet, then you may want to fine tune some security settings. One of them being forcing TLS encryption, especially if your users will be connecting to FTP port 21. You don’t want them accessing the server without encryption. Here’s how you can get their connections encrypted by forcing FTP over TLS in FileZilla Server.

How to: Encrypt your files in Windows with Gpg4win

Being able to encrypt your files that contain sensitive information is crucial. In Linux, you can do this with relative ease by using the built-in gpg program to encrypt by using a password or having them signed with a private/public key. Luckily for Windows users, you can do the same with a gpg variant called Gpg4win. Here’s how you can use it.

How to: Encrypt your files in Linux with GPG

Maybe you need to send an email to someone with an attachment. That attachment may contain something very important or sensitive, and the risk of sending it over email may send chills down your spine. The last thing that you would want is somebody potentially peeking at your bank account information. Luckily, there is a solution to protecting critical files. Enter the GPG tool.

OpenSSL: How to generate a self-signed certificate and key with Elliptic Curves

The use of Elliptic Curves for cryptography is becoming more widely used in today’s internet. Basically, it allows for the same type of security as good old RSA, but with greater speed due to the smaller key sizes it uses compared to an RSA key. You can also generate a key based on the newer cryptography standard through OpenSSL like you would with an RSA key. Here’s how you can do it.