Reinstall or repair Windows with Windows Recovery

You want to install a fresh copy of Windows, maybe because you have a virus that you can’t get rid of or maybe you did, but it’s lingering around in your current Windows system. Your computer has slowed to a severe crawl due from corrupted system files and impossible to fix from within. Fortunately all hope is not lost, you can easily fix these problems with the help of Windows recovery.

Corrupt system files and how to fix them in Windows

Sometimes your computer shuts off without warning, probably due to a power outage or a faulty power supply. You’ve managed to fix the issue or wait until the power returns and boot it up again. Maybe it happens numerous times without warning of course. Your computer freezes, forcing you to hit the power up to turn it off and back on again. Over time, these actions lead to the corrupt system files in your Windows computer, primarily located under “C:\Windows”.

Use Task Scheduler to automate tasks in Windows

Automating tasks has never been easier in Windows. Task Scheduler allow you to set certain conditions resulting in an action. We can open a certain program every time we do something such as when your computers boots up to the desktop, or a user/specific user logs onto their computer. This also makes doing simple maintenance on your computer easy and worry-free, done are the days of having to manually run a piece of software to check your system files for corruption or maybe your hard drive needs to be defragged weekly. There’s a solution for everything.