Windows Server

Wireless LAN: how to on Windows Server

At this point, you may haven’t noticed that upon installing Windows Server to your desktop, you may be missing some crucial functionality. One of them being wireless LAN support. Without it, any Wi-Fi adapter that gets installed onto your computer will not functional. This is especially the case for laptops that heavily depend on such functionality. The good news is it can be installed with relative ease.

Windows Server: how to use as a desktop PC

Windows Server is an server operating system whose primary function is to run on server hardware, or serve content to users from a dedicated computer. While Windows Server might contain software and features specifically for business purposes, in the end it is still considered to be just another Windows desktop operating system. Albeit with a few limitations and differences.

Configuring Windows Server

In the previous guide, we have completed our first installation of Windows Server 2019. Now, it’s time for us to configure it in the way that we want it to function. Before we go into that, there are some things that you need to know about the way Windows Server is configured by default.