The importance of VPNs and working from home

Now with a major event affecting all parts of the world, many people are now being asked to work from home.

Not everyone is able to work from home. Mainly people who work in the tech industry or tech related to integrated systems can do just that. Office workers, for example, can utilize a VPN in order to access the company network and collaborate with fellow employees to work as if you were there.

Technology has allowed us to do more than ever before remotely. Thanks to that, we can still code and manage critical infrastructure that people depend on during this difficult time.

VPN solutions to choose from

Many are still preparing for employees to work from home via VPN technology. Some companies are scrambling to setup the necessary systems and capacity to meet the needs of their employees. Large files will need to be transferred around, sensitive information will need to be protected, and some software has been configured to work only in an LAN environment.

Here’s what I recommend that you should set up for a VPN:

OpenVPN – Widely used, has been in the VPN game for a long time. It also has outstanding support for many platforms. Has been through many security audits, therefore you can guarantee that your VPN tunnel is protected from any potential issues.

Wireguard – The new game changer in town. Is very efficient and easy to audit which means security is a top priority. Has good performance due to how it was coded. Fairly easy to configure.

SoftEther VPN – A very versatile VPN solution. Offers VPN support for many protocols such as OpenVPN, IPsec, PPTP, and L2TP. The server is available on all platforms, and can be mostly configured using a GUI. Also has advanced settings for management and security.

FreeLAN – A portable VPN solution for Windows and Linux. Configuration is done through text and command line. Simple to set up otherwise, and supports a wide variety of encryption ciphers.

These are just a handful of VPN solutions available that should suit your needs.