Welcome to Adam In Tech!


Hi, my name’s Adam. I’ve been fascinated in technology since I was little, having tinkered around with the likes of programming in Delphi and Visual Basic as well as an early fascination with installing Windows 2000 Advanced Server and others on virtual machines when they were in its infancy. Having worked for a small company managing/deploying POS systems and security cameras sky’s the limit. I have always wanted to do something in the way of making guides and solving unique technical issues that seem to be difficult to find a solution for online, henceforth Adam In Tech came to be.

Adam In Tech is about bringing you technology-based guides that range from simple setup of numerous operating systems/hardware/software to the complex forces buried deep within. Hopefully you will take pleasure in the soon-to-be abundance of information available to digest and/or resolve any particular issues that you may be having in the technology sector.