What I like about Manjaro Linux

Manjaro is one of many Linux distribution available to use. It is based on Arch Linux and its design philosophy revolves around ease of use and friendliness. Here are some of the things I like about this distribution.

Great for beginners

For those who are getting into the Linux ecosystem may feel overwhelmed at first, especially when transitioning from Windows. Manjaro aims to be easy to install and even the installer itself is from the desktop directly booted from a CD/USB.

This gives you the opportunity to boot into Manjaro and give it a try without having to erase anything. If by chance you’re interested, just click the install icon on the desktop and be on your way!

Well designed

Manjaro has some design cues from Windows. This is great as people want a familiar feel and ease of use from Windows and the ever-expanding functionality of Linux. I primarily use the Xfce desktop environment and it feels very smooth and it doesn’t stutter or lag.


Manjaro is known for being very stable. I have yet to experience any crashes whatsoever from doing anything. Though that is the case for most Linux distributions, for those who are new you will definitely benefit from this.

Switching the Linux kernel version

Even to those who are already familiar with Linux, this is a definite boon. You have a multitude of versions of the Linux kernel to choose from. This is great for diagnosing any potential issues that you may have with software with relative ease. As of writing, the latest version available is 5.5.2-1.

Software availability and quality

Manjaro has an abundance of software to choose from to suit your needs. There is never a lack of software that can be installed compared to popular distributions such as Ubuntu or Debian. The developers always make sure that new software added through pacman are always up to snuff and won’t cause any instability issues.

Hardware compatibility

The Manjaro development team aims to make this particular Linux distribution work from the get-go. You won’t need to shuffle through the shell trying to look for specific drivers. Most hardware out there today should work right when you finish installation. We’re talking from graphics cards to RAID drivers.

Manjaro seems to be the way to go for first timers and veterans alike who want a casual experience. Who knows, maybe I’ll go full Manjaro soon enough!